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Bacon, Haystack Onions, Cheddar, and a Porter Stout Reduction Sauce. W / Fries

Triple “B” Burger – 10

Caramelized Balsamic Red Onions, Bacon, and Blue Cheese. W / Fries


The Highlander – 10

Herb Crusted Burger, Goat Cheese, Olive Tapenade, Tzatziki Sauce. W / Fries


Hangover Burger – 10

Cheddar, Haystack Onion, Bacon, Topped with an Over-easy Egg. W / Fries

The Dragon Slayer Burger – 10

Blue Cheese, Pickles, Bacon, Lettuce, Tomatoes, and Creamy Buffalo Sauce. W / Fries

Chadd’s Awesome Wrap – 10

Fresh Fried Chicken, Bacon, Cheddar, Lettuce, Pico, Chipotle Aloli

Mahi-Tacos – 10

Cheddar, Lettuce, Pico, Chipoltle Aloli

Beer Battered Mushrooms – 5

Hey they are battered in beer! What’s not to like?

Jumbo Naked Wings – 10

Hot BBQ Sauce or Sriracha or Garlic Parmesan.

Cheese Sticks – 5

The Cheesyist! We have Ranch or Marinara

Truffle Fries – 5

Oh, you will like them! Infused with garlic mushroom oil – and truffles!

Lil’ bastard Menu

Kid’s Menu (kid friendly, mother approved)

Lil’ Bastard Cheese Burger – 5

They will love this burger! W / Chips.

All Beef Hotdog – 5

America’s Favorite All Beef Hotdog – topped the way you like it! W / Chips

Kids Chicken Fingers – 8

Who knew chickens had fingers! Well they do and they are delish! W / Fries

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