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Get the best burger you have ever tasted!

This is no lie, as a burger eatin’ bastard for many years. You Sir, or Ma’am will not be disappointed!

A Story about this Food Truck and owner Chadd Babcock

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Fresh Burger

This is 100 % fresh lean beef we are puttin’ on our griddle. Your satisfaction is our life’s work.

Brewery Onsite

Looking forward to the 2024 season at our exclusive spot Stormcloud brewery! Great craft beer made right here in Frankfort! Soft drink and wine options also available, indoors seating or come sit in the beer garden and smell the delicious aroma of your food as it cooks. Bring the family and the dogs!

Best Buns & Locally Sourced Fixin’s

It’s not just the burger that has made us famous! With fresh bread and many locally sourced vegetables you will notice the difference. Yep, we promise.

book the truck for your special event!

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